Ashley Greene in Oops! Magazine (Russia) July 2010 issue – Translation + Scans

Translation from the article: Cover – Ashley Greene the main star of the new “Twilight”

Ashley in the Vampire Land

Ashley Greene – sweet sister of Edward Cullen, Alice from the Twilight Saga – and in life a clot of positive energy: always falls in love with guy from the big screen, loves to lay on the beach, isn’t scared of the sun and partly sees future – or rather that everything will be great for her!

– Ashley, tell us, what was the most fascinating thing for you during Eclipse shootings?

– That all the stunts in this installment I tried to do on my own. I love scenes, where you have to fight – I haven’t had experience like that, to be pulled by steel ropes on high speed, to be thrown against walls, where I’d land on shoulders of other people and run on vertical surface – it’s hundred times better than roller-coasters, even though I’m all covered in bruises!

– But how about the graduation of your heroine?

– That is also one of the fascinating scenes –  or, rather preparation for it – because you know I picked my own dress: I was shown 25 choices to choose from online – and my eyes simply got lost in the variety of dresses! It was so awesome to feel like you’re in school again, especially that my graduation was perfect: parents, past boyfriend with flowers, fairytale dress…

– Did you study well?

– Yes, everything was planned for me: I wanted to study psychology and legal sciences – parents were happy, and one day I informed them: “I’m going to be an actress!”I always liked to be the center of attention. For example, we had a “training” court practices, and my favorite part was to be in front of the jury. I regularly attended the school of acting, I had my own agent and a proposal to go to Los Angeles. But I had to work a bit more on the parent’s approval!

– Did you like the Twilight Saga story? Which part was your favorite?

– When I was told, for the first time, about the storyline of the Twilight Saga, I said: “Oh, vampires, blah-blah-blah, what’s so complicated, it’s nonsense; and there’s a book, you say? Bring it over here.” But after reading thirty pages I was sitting like “Ooooh, don’t bother me, something’s about to happen here”, after thirty minutes: “Gosh, give me Edward immediately!”, and after nine hours of nonstop reading the book was done and I wanted to get the rest of the story fast. I can’t imagine how someone can’t love Edward! He’s a perfect gentleman, sadly such men don’t exist in reality! My favorite book is – “Breaking Dawn”.

– Tell us about Robert: how is he in life?

– For Robert it’s easy to drop out of reality – like “Dude, what’s happening?!” He’s not the most sociable guy, very modest and shy, it’s uneasy for him that everyone stares at him, are trying to touch him, grab his hair – but he is very courageous. He likes to be alone (oh, that sounds like “a total bachelor”, but that’s how it is). Even when people gossiped about his and Kristen’s love – that has passed, but before, I think, he had a serious drama of romantic sense!

– And Jackson Rathbone and gossip of your relationship with him, is that true?

– Jackson – is an awesome guy! With him it’s always so much fun, and on our shooting set surely everyone falls in love. But nothing serious, I’m single, and my boyfriend is currently – work. We are all friends, and know each other so well, when and who grumbles or how much sugar is needed in their coffee. On the set it’s always perfect: we are on the great terms and after twelve hours of shooting we find time to go out and have fun together! Usually we meet up in Vancouver on the Robson street, there’s a small club for those who play musical instruments: you can come in with your own instrument, play and sing. I want to learn how to play guitar, because I’m the only one that can’t play – Jackson, Nikki, Kristen and Rob always go there!

– If you had a chance to play someone else from the Twilight Saga – who would it be?

– I’d play Edward Cullen – everyone loves him! Everyone always ask: “Where to find him? Such exist?! Any in stock available?!” (Laughs) Also, James and Victoria: to portray bad characters would be a different experience for me, something other than a good Alice. The only part I wouldn’t say yes to is to play Jacob. Taylor is such a good guy out of us all: he worked so much lately – hardly ever left gym. On the set he’d come to be and say: “I want to be where you are cause you can eat anything!”

– What’s the hardest part about your job?

– To look sixteen! And sometimes I think that under my skin I have a GPS devise that everytime I move papparazi would get the signal: “After hundred meters turn right. Object has left the scenes. Recalculating!” I’m pissed off, serious. My mother calls me and says:  so, tell me, how was the party, I seen the photo this morning! But it’s sinful to complain: before “Twilight” I lived with three girls in a cheap apartment, lied in my resume and worked as a waitress, and now everything’s leveled. I finished shooting in Skateland – in the spirit of the eighties, I’m the exact copy of my mother in it! “Twilight” has opened new doors for me: people offer jobs easier, when you’ve done a big film and didn’t come from the street, working as a waitress. It sounds harsh but it’s true. Also I became much more confident of myself – I know, that if I’d want, I can get any roles.

Translations from the top:

Date of Birth: February 21, 1987

Hobbies: surf, books, shopping, volleyball, to be at the beach, cliff jumping.

Style:  Casual – shirt, jeans, ballet-like shoes.

The most unusual act: once ate a tail of the alligator.

Favorite bands: Linkin Park, Muse, Paramore, Counting Crows, Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood.

Ideal Guy: Someone you’re comfortable with. Actually – I love the guys from Kings of Leon. And from Thirty Seconds to Mars – Jared Leto is super sexy. I recently watched 500 Days of Summer – and fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. To tel you the truth, I always fall in love without thinking!

Dream role: wanted to play the heroines from Julia Robert’s “Eric Brokovich” and Charlize Theron’s “North Country”. Not now of course, I still have to grow to that point, but like in thirty years – watch out. For now the role of Alice sounds perfect.

Favorite TV Shows: Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210.

Favorite Movie: Recently watched “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” – just super!

Favorite Actress: I love, love, love Audrey Hepburn. Also  Julia Roberts and Maryl Streep – those by which I’m guided.

All translations and scans were done by Twilight Reality. To see all the scans from this issue click here.

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