Xavier Samuel talks to MTV Australia about ‘A Few Best Men’, his role as Riley and more

It’s been some time since we’ve heard any news from Xavier Samuel, but this past weekend, he spent some time in Sydney, Australia as a presenter for the Optus ONE80PROJECT Awards, and MTV Australia caught up with him to do an interview.

In it, he discussed his role in the forthcoming film A Few Best Men:

“I play the groom who meets an Australian girl and takes his friends to Australia for the wedding and it’s a little trickier than expected. But the main challenge with that was keeping a straight face because everyone I worked with was really funny. I had a great time. “

He also talked a bit about his gratitude that his Twilight Saga role, which was very small in the book version of Eclipse, was expanded for the film.

“When I flicked through the book I was like, where’s Riley? . . .  There was like one line, literally one sentence! I was fortunate in the sense that they decided to depart from Bella’s point of view for the first time – it’s still faithful to the book but it extrapolates other dimensions in it. So there is a kind of degree of expectation and pressure to remain true to a character that is so close to so many people’s hearts. So the pressure’s on, certainly for the characters that have more of a journey. But I think they’ve done an amazing job bringing the books to life.”

Xavier Samuel has three films in post-production: Anonymous (September 30th), Bait (expected in September), and A Few Best Men (2012).

Read the full article here.

And here are some of the latest stills from ‘Bait’ (Photo courtesy: Arclight Films) :

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