Tinsel Korey talks about Emily Young and filming Breaking Dawn

Since filming has wrapped for the Breaking Dawn films, how does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? What will you miss the most?

I will definitely miss the closeness between me and the boys, and obviously Julia [Jones]. We are very much a family and I always think of filming sort of like summer school – you develop all these great friendships and connections and you hope that you’ll be able to keep in touch and hang out. But, you know, life normally moves in different directions. I hope that we’ll stay really close. It’s kind of a bittersweet ending.
What was it like auditioning for the role of Emily?
I mean it was like a regular audition. I actually thought I’d messed it up, so I was mortified, like “Oh my god, I suck as an actor” (laughs), and then the next day I was short-listed. You can never really grasp how you do in an audition, at all.
Read the full interview at Celebuzz here.

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