Daemon’s Exclusive Interview with Tinsel Korey

Twilight fans itching for the latest installment of the franchise just have about a month to go before they get to watch some good ol’ Edward, Tinsel KoreyJacob and Bella drama. In the meantime, there is more details coming out of what to expect in “Breaking Dawn”, all of that courtesy of the charming Tinsel Korey who plays the beautiful scarred Emily Young, the wolf clan mother figure.

Check out what she had to say and catch her in the upcoming movie “Stained” released on DVD August 30th and of course “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” coming to theaters November 18, 2011.

‘Breaking Dawn’ coming this November and the second part coming out next year, I’m assuming things are already ramping up for you, right?
Tinsel Korey: Yeah. I mean, the press is obviously starting to build up right now, and I actually start a movie in September, and so I’m excited about that as well.
Were you at ‘The Teen Choice Awards’ this weekend?
Tinsel Korey: Yeah, I was there last night.
Was it fun seeing all the fans?
Tinsel Korey: It was pretty cool just getting to see the different celebrities and I’ve never heard people scream so loud as when Justin Bieber came in. It was like on a different level. It was crazy. Like, what’s it like to be that guy?
Sort of like being Robert Pattinson, I would assume.
Tinsel Korey: I guess so.
At Comic-Con people camped our for two days to be at the panel for ‘Twilight’. Has the level of intense fandom had an effect on you and your career?
Tinsel Korey: Obviously it opens doors, in a way, having something big like that, absolutely. I don’t know if the level of work has gone further. I already had a career that was sort of building before ‘Twilight’. So it definitely gave it a little bit of a bump, but I was already going in that direction anyways and so it just sort of kept that steady pace of work for me.
In terms of interacting with people who recognize you, has that changed?
Tinsel Korey: I actually don’t get recognized. Last night, it was so funny, I was walking with Booboo and everyone recognized Boo Boo [Stewart], but because have of my face is covered with a massive scar and for the first two films I had bangs I look very different without that whole entire thing. Also, it’s like I’m dressed down in the movie, like, buttoned up plaid shirts and stuff like that. So, I actually don’t get recognized as much as the other guys because I have half my face covered with a massive scar.

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