Robert Pattinson has been mentioned on ‘Family Guy’ Again!

The creators of Family Guy must have a good amount of appreciation for Robert Pattinson and The Twilight Saga because he was mentioned in the recent episode, once again.

The episode, entitled “Meg and Quagmire” started out with the gang attending the Teen Choice Awards and watching a montage of celebrities in attendance, one of which was Robert Pattinson. Essentially, this scene goes to show how many new-name celebrities seem to pop up at events like the TCAs.

Pattinson has previously been featured on the show (which is famous for making random pop culture references throughout each episode) before, with his face as a poster in “Meg’s” bedroom in one episode and him and Taylor Lautner as marionettes in another.

Only Hulu Plus users can access the latest full episode of Family Guy at the moment, but luckily, the reference took place early enough in the show to be included in the preview clip here.

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