Ashley Greene preparing herself for the end of ‘Twilight’

Ashley Greene (a.k.a. Alice Cullen) knows she’s got eyes on her post-Twilight progress as well, and in a new interview with Lucky Magazine, she talked about how she’s preparing for the series to come to a close.

Twilight has given me something to skyrocket off of . . . But now that it’s ending, there’s so much work to be done. And if I don’t do it, then Twilight’s all I’m ever going to be known for, as great as it is,” she explained. “I mean, I think I’m doing all right . . . But the main focus is trying to solidify my spot in Hollywood because, you know, I’m not there yet.”

Currently, Ashley Greene has two other films on the way – LOL and The Apparition – and she’s been a recurring guest star on ABC’s short-lived series Pan Am. She’s also preparing for what’s next – the lead in Olivia Twisted, a reportedly “dark and gritty action film that is a female-driven modern version of Oliver Twist” she’ll begin shooting this year.

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