Kristen Wins in the 2011 Celebrity Beauty Awards

The Sultry Smoky Siren – Kristen Stewart

This year we stopped being blinded by our R-Patz envy and really started to notice how completely and utterly gorgeous Kristen Stewart is. She’s the master of the dark and mysterious smoky eye, and when combined with her gorgeous voluminous waves and crystal-clear skin: she’s a beauty force to be reckoned with. Continue reading

Are Bella & Edward The Best Movie Couple Of 2011?

Our year-end countdown continues, and love is in the air—with a poll to determine which adorable on-screen couple from the best films of 2011 made you “Awwww!” the hardest. Some of the contenders might surprise you; others are…well, Bella and Edward. (As if we could leave them off.) But there’s no telling who’ll take the top honors for Best Movie Couple of the Year from this collection of nominees that includes five cute couples, four Hogwarts sweethearts, two vampire lovers, and a brooooo-mance in a peeeeear tree! Continue reading

Cameron Bright Little Glory Trailer

Against all odds and everyone’s advice, a selfish twenty-year-old drop-out tries to raise his little sister. But taking care of a nine-year-old alone proves harder than anyone could have imaged. Cameron Bright (Alec from the Twilight Franchise) stars in this heart-warming and touching story of what it takes to be a big brother.

Kristen Stewart Deconstructed

Kristen Stewart Style

Kristen Stewart just may be one of the most recognizable actresses working today, in large part thanks to her portrayal of Bella in the Twilight film series. But she is also well-known for her non-conformist attitude towards her style choices. Unlike many other starlets in Hollywood, she has been known to remove her sky high heels in favor of her trusty black Chuck Taylor lace-ups and she is just as happy in jeans and a t-shirt (maybe even more so) as she is in her red carpet ensembles. Kristen oscillates between her tomboy style and body con outfits effortlessly and so can you! All you need is few simple guidelines… Continue reading